1. I live in Ontario, Canada. It is an embarrassment that Kiska be held in solidarity confinement for over 40 years. Ontario has such long winters 6-7 months when MarineLAND IS CLOSED.We treat murderers much better than Poor KISKA While I cannot say where I worked, I do know that MarineLand lost one Dolphin after another. However, the Dolphins, Beluga whales at that time orcas were on EXTREMELY high doses of sedatives, anti-biotics, oral anti-fungal tablets at high doses which can cause liver enzymes to increase. Even when the anti-fungal medication is discontinued, liver enzymes continues to rise, killing the animal. They were also on very high doses of anti-depressants. Their water conditions were deplorable. Please, I ask you to let Kiska go so that she may socialize with other Orcas or ideally, let her enjoy her last years in a Sea Pen. She has gone through so much. yet you hesitate? May I ask why? Are you afraid of what other Professionals may find or say?

      Do the right thing and you will be rewarded. On the radio 3 months ago in January, the Ontario Government alluded to the fact that it does not seem to care about
      For our endangered/not endangered Animals. That along with the I humane slaughter of the poor seals, I am embarrassed to tell people that I am a Canadian. The Dollar Store told me that they use to sell literally millions of “I Am Canadian” key chains to give out while on Holidays but I was told that that number has been cut to less than a 1/4 over the past 2-3 years.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this letter..


      Susan Horvath
      Burlington, Ontario

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  1. what an exquisite letter…. to the point and holding the Canadian government accountable to do the right thing by her….. I hope they “man-up” and move her to be with other orcas…

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  2. Free this poor animal from confinement. They dont deserve such kind of miserable life. Our planet need them, WE need them, we have to protect them and honor their importance in the environment and the circle of life.

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  3. From France, I do wish these animals be free again. They have nothing to do in these tiny baths. It’s just a shame to keep them far of their natural environment, in so poor and crual conditions.

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  4. Man should be grateful for orca’s , not treat them like this, like torture, for no reason. Do right by Kiska, apologize and make the rest of her life as comfortable as possible, as you would your life to be. Look in the mirror, man up and act. This is wrong so make it right! Plain and simple! Thank you.

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  5. This is neglect and cruelty of the worse kind. Kiska deserves to live the rest of her life with a pod which will give her purpose and the emotional connection she requires. This is an absolute must.

    Yours sincerely
    Sydney, Australia

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  6. The experts have said all there is to say. Kiska has endured so much pain and we need to move her to another facility right away.
    If its funding, that money could be raised easily. With 27,000+ signatures, I’m certain people with compassion for this sad lonely whale could fund a move. She needs to be with other Orcas.

    Donna Lucas
    Against animal cruelty.

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  7. PLEASE, Show compassion and respect for this life that has been suffering far too long!!! YOU CAN make this Huge Difference NOW We love Kiska & many will move mountains to make this transfer to a real life for her!!! She must be with her own kind—–It’s Time to make this happen!!~

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  8. It is such cruelty to allow an Orca to remain in isolation. There is only one right thing to do and that is to remove Kiska from isolation and put her with other Orcas. Please do what is is right!!!!


  9. In Canada a working Canadian legally can retire after 40 years of work . Kiska has put her 40 years in and so a “Mandatory Retirement release” should be in order. It is nothing more than criminal and against the law . If non compassion and inhumanity among so many other reasons why holding her captive is so wrong then the only answer dealing with corporations is LAW . Kiska is Canadian Mamal , she put her 40 years in , she can legally retire under the employment act.


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