10 thoughts on “THANK YOU TILIKUM”

  1. So sad when we can not even see the preciousness of life, and fail to love the sweetness that we should be taking care of in a way that will not cause suffering…I don’t think people realize the amazing intelligence that cetaceans have….they have deserved better than we have given them. Polluted and depleted oceans, or a life of captivity without family.

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  2. You are so on the mark. I hope Tilikum’s suffering ends soon is all I can say and thank you for doing all you do…thank goodness for people like you..

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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Honest and inspiring words from a compassionate and determined soul. This resonates strongly with me (and will with many, many others). Thank you. We will continue fighting – and we will win freedom for Kiska and others.

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  4. If Tilikum is gravely ill with an untreatable condition, I wish they would just release him into the ocean. Even if he only survived a short time, he would remember who he was supposed to be instead of what captivity did to him. Do you think he would have the swim of his life with his fin up?

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    1. Hi Lisa, Because of his medical condition, you can’t release an animal into the ocean as it could effect the wild population unfortunately. …I wish that for him too though. Wish it could happen for him so badly. ..,


  5. I know what you mean … this was a question I asked myself when I heard he was dying. At this point, over thirty years of pain, I can’t imagine. I can’t even begin to imagine. So I just wish for him to find peace, whether that’s by some miracle, or only by death. It does keep me awake to think about it. I wish there was something I could do for any of them … I don’t care if no one ever knows I tried, I don’t care if it’s not easy, I just want to lift some of the pain, the terrible confinement, that they’re going through. And for some reason he’s close to my heart. Of all the creatures it could have been, it was him. And more than a few people thank you for writing this.

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